Why the City of Naperville Is a Nice Place To Live

As a long time resident of Naperville, I could honestly say that it is a great place to live. When I first traveled to Naperville I thought it was soo far away but in reality, it was only twenty-five minutes from where I use to live in Westmont.   Back then I never knew about the Riverwalk or the downtown beach that was hidden next to the riverwalk.  Being a swimmer I would have loved this place when I was younger.  Our daughter is becomming old enough to learn how to swim and asking about swimming at the beach.  Since it is winter we may go to the YMCA and I can teach her to swim.   There are actually a few places we could go to learn to swim but the YMCA seems the most affordable.  The local health clubs are just expensive. Centennial-Beach-Naperville-Illinois

I now have lived in Naperville for over thirteen years and I am still finding new places to explore.   Just recently I have discovered the DuPage Children’s Museum and I can’t wait to take our daughter there.   It really looked like a great place with lots of things for kids to do.  The museum was clean and the staff were very friendly.

Recently the City of Naperville has added and remodeled some of the parks near me. I actually have two parks very close to me which our daughter loves to go to, both are connected by a paved walking trail which is the the entrance to the parks.  Our daughter would love to go on walks every day, the neighborhood, and want to play for hours at the park.  I just wish I could get WiFi at the park.

Speaking of WiFi I remember when the city was talking about installing WiFi everyware so it would be free for everyone.  I read that the only hitch is that everytime someone would log on, advertisments would be something you would need to get through.  Even so I would like the oppertunity to log on from the park.  Especially when I am spending hour there.