Spring Time Tree Care in Naperville

Springtime is here in the suburban Midwest that means the daffodils are blooming, the trees budding and we are starting to go outside again to enjoy the warmer weather. As we are walking in the parks and thought the neighborhood you may be thinking of a spring clean-up project, how you are going to plant you vegetable garden or finally getting around to trimming that tree.

This is the time that trees are waking up. Deciduous trees, the leafy trees that lost leaves in the fall time, are beginning to grow again. Soon some of these trees will begin to flower and fill the air with sweet aroma. Tree are starting to grow again because the temperate is increasing, causing the ground to warm up. With the passing of the vernal equinox, we now are going into a more lighted part of the day, having more sunlight which is necessary for the plants and trees to grow and produce food.

Different trees will blossom in different ways. Some trees, like a chokecherry, will grow leaves on its branches first followed by beautiful aromatic blossoms. Other trees, catkins, will produce a flower on the branch followed by the leaves. Flowers on the trees are necessary for reproduction. Just the other day I noticed a yellow power in the air around the pine bushes in front of my home. When the bush was shaken pollen was released in a great powdery cloud. This pollen is carried by the winds and by insects like bees.


Dormant insects soon will become active. Some of these insects are beneficial like bees and some of the insects are harmful. Most notable is the emerald Ash Borer. This insect is and green beetle that has been destroying the Naperville ash trees. The larva that hatch in the springtime eat the inner bark of the tree and kill the tree from the inside out. The adult is a green beetle that is about a half-inch long and leaves of the tree. When the tree starts to die it dies from the top down. The tree will keep trying to grow the larva will continue to eat the bark and inside of the tree. In the end, the base of the tree will have chutes that grow and giant leaves as a last-ditch effort to save itself. These insects has killed hundreds of thousands of ash trees in the Midwest and great lakes area. You can find more information about this beetle and how to manage it at http://www.napervilletreecare.com. They have great information about how to manage your tree, how to save your tree from the ash borer, how to trim trees, and what the cost is for tree removal when the tree dies from infestation.

The City of Naperville is adamant about property owners removing dead or dying tree, especially if the tree is infested with the emerald ash borer. The City is issuing homeowners $500 dollar fines if you do not take down you tree with a certain amount of time. The city wants infected trees down before April 1st when the emerald ash borer larva become active with the warmer weather.