Sell or Be Sold

A few months ago a friend of mine suggested I listen to or read a book by a top salesperson in the Contemporary media. This particular person had spent a lifetime working for┬áseveral charitable organizations by helping raise money for a very worthwhile organization. And since this particular blog focuses on charity I thought it might take a moment to focus on some of the ideas that this individual had to share. As you may have noticed I have reluctantly withheld the name of this particular salesperson. Why? I felt that his message is an important message and I didn’t want to be tainted with a good or bad feeling about the author of the message first. So the story goes this particular man that was raising money for charitable organizations had worked on a number of boards that had struggled to raise funds for Charities for years. He would come into an organization and quickly be able to determine problems of why organizations could not get charitable donations. One of the things that this man shared during the course of his time on serving boards for raising money was some of the people’s reason for not giving was because the charitable organizations were not asking for enough money. What? Yes! Time and again this individual stated that the reason people were reluctant to give was because of the size of the ask. The people giving the money felt that he was such a small amount of money to be asking for that I couldn’t have any real effect. Wow! This is something that never would have occurred to most of us. It took a sales person to really understand the psychology of why people want to give. You know the truth of the matter is there are many good people that want to willingly give but don’t because they feel as if their gift is too small and not going to matter. That is an important thing to remember when it comes to our faith as well. I started to think since we are made in God’s image why would you think any different than how he thinks. If it’s the same way with rich people that are abundant in wealth to give and I’m willing to give because we ask for so little then why wouldn’t it be the same with our faith. This is a very enlightening opportunity for me to listen to this gentleman speak at length how his success of opening the pockets of rich and successful people to give willingly large amounts had happened time and again41jVx9H8-QL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_ because he understood the psychology of what the person needed. The person needed to feel like they were making a difference. I would like to now give credit to Grant Cardone the top contemporary salesman of our current time for the enlightenment that he had upon his viewers and listeners ship by offering that intelligence from his years of experience.

This experience for me was extremely good in stretching the parts of my brain I didn’t want to stretch. This allowed me to see the world through the eyes of someone that has had success finding out what people’s resistance is and then solving that by giving them an opportunity to respond. This type of exercise really creates wisdom because one can start to see that there are many dots in this world that can easily connect if one takes the mental time attitude and focus to understand different disciplines and how they intertwine.

When it comes to the type of wisdom that I seek most I am consistently looking for top teachers in their field. If you have had an experience that is similar please feel free to share how it has affected your charity and your face. Please feel free to email and respond directly below.

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