Naperville Area Indoor Triathlon – 2015

First Indoor Triathlon is on January 10, 2016

BumblesGetting ready for the running season is an important part of the running experience. Especially if you are running a race or participating in a triathlon. Plantar fasciitis  is a foot condition that affects many runners, impairing their ability to run. It’s important to take care of your feet with proper stretching and exercise. Dr. Richa Vohra is a rehabilitation specialist in Naperville, at and she recommends foot rollers for massaging your foot muscles.Foot Rollers

A fun and safe way to get ready for the 2016 running season is joining an indoor triathlon.  The Naperville Running Company (Naperville Running Company) is blog posting and indoor triathlon at LifeStart in Central Park in Lile at 7:00 am on January 10, 2016.

This event is scheduled for one hour. The event activities include:

  • 10 Minutes of swimming in the pool
  • 30 Minutes on stationary exercise bikes
  • 5 Minute transition period between activities
  • 20 Minutes of running activity on the treadmill

The main goal is to compete with yourself and accomplish your personal best.  The activity results will be monitored and measured by how far you go in each event activity.  Onsite volunteers will be present to record the distances you achieve.

The events will be staged in sets of four participants. Each set of four will start every 20 minutes.  The triathlon start time is at 7:00 am on Sunday January 10th, 2016.  There are additional triathlons scheduled for February 14th and on March 20th.

You can register for the event at