Holiday Carpet Cleaning

With the holidays coming fast many people want to clean their carpets to spruce up the appearance of the home. Pet stains, smelly carpet, impacted dirt in high traffic areas can make your home look dingy. Cleaning your carpet with a machine is the easiest solution.
You may have considered one of three options to clean your carpet. The first is hiring a professional carpet cleaner, second, is renting a carpet cleaning machine from the store and third purchasing as hot water extraction machine from the store. Regardless the choice the process is the same. A solution of carpet cleaning detergent is placed onto the carpet and worked into the fibers. The detergent loosens the soil and grime from your carpet and then is pulled out of the carpet, lifting the soil and water. So the way you want to do this is basically determined on you needs capability, and convenience.
Professional Carpet Cleaning
A professional carpet cleaning company typically used a vacuum mounted truck hot water extraction system which is sometimes called carpet steam cleaning. A good professional will vacuum the carpet to lift up the loose soil. Then a chemical (water or solvent based) cleaning solution is sprayed on the carpet to break down the soil. The cleaning solution carries out the dirty particles in the rug fibers with the water that was applied (200 degrees F). This is often called steam cleaning however, this is a misconception because it is actually hot water extraction.
Your local professional carpet cleaner will have trained employees that have knowledge in removing specific stains such as cat and dog urine or coffee and wine stains. Professionals are much better at stain removal.  In my experience, Naperville Carpet Cleaning is the most economical and has upfront pricing (no hidden charges) starting at $45 per room. Personally I much rather deal with an upfront and honest company that is transparent about their cost then trying to lure me in with unbelievable deals like $15 per room.
Renting a Carpet Cleaning Machine
There are many options in the area for renting carpet cleaning machines. If you want to do this yourself you can pick up a machine at Home Depot or Pet Smart for $35 per day. You will also need to purchase the cleaning solution and plan on spending about $40 more for that. You may even want to purchase specialty stain removing solutions and odor removing chemicals for pet urine stains. You can get good products at the pet store.
The machines are similar in size and operation. You will be responsible for bbringingthe machine home and bringing it back in time. Typically you can rent a machine for 4-6 hours or 24-hours.
Purchase a Carpet Cleaning Machine
This is a good solution of you have children or pets in the home. Owing your own machine is great for emergency carpet cleaning and you have the options to clean problem areas on a more regular basis. You can get a decent machine for approximately $200. Some of the more expensive machines will heat the water or have more options like furniture attachments for cleaning upholstery.
Personally, I like the idea of having my own machine to clean the carpets but one drawback I notice is that they never do as good of job as a professional carpet cleaning equipment. If you only plan on cleaning your carpet once or twice a year then having a carpet cleaning service is the way to go.