Asking For And Receiving Help Is A Good Thing

Well, the kids are back to school and chances at that you are working harder than ever. The end of the year is creeping up on us with work deadlines as family obligations increasing with helping the kids with homework and shuttling them around to sporting events and practice. Not only that the reminder that the holidays is coming when we start to see the Christmas decorations start popping up in the stores next month. So as the pressure is on and you are continually drilled you may need to reach out for a helping hand with some of the weekly chores.
Hiring help may sound like a scary thing especially if you are uncomfortable with others helping you or are the type of person that has a difficult time excepting help. But when you get down to it, it’s really no different than going out for dinner or ordering a pizza. Whether its hiring someone to clean out your gutters or help with home cleaning the result is the same… a relief. If you can manage, hiring help is a wonderful thing and many times more affordable than you would have thought.
By now you have probably have heard of a takeout taxi service which is a service that will actually pick up and deliver you take out food. I know, how lazy can you be is your thought, but there is a need. Even Whole Foods has skin in the game and offers a service similar to PeaPod (Jewel) where the store clerks will pick out the items, per your request, and either have them waiting for you at the store, or the store will deliver them to you. Who does this? Well, have you given though to the mom that is simultaneously handling infants twins at home and a toddler? Going to the store may just be out of the question especially when your husband calls from work and says he will be working late.
There is nothing wrong with receiving help, it’s not an elitist status but more necessity driven. When life gets a little difficult don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help.
The very reason I wrote this is because recently I just needed help and my in-laws looked at me sideways asking why can’t I just do everything thing myself. With judgments set aside, I made the decision to get help not only because it helped just me but the entire family.